Jeep Easter Eggs

What Is A Jeep East Egg

  With the Easter holiday over with, it’s hard not to reflect how most families spent their time at home decorating “Easter eggs” and hiding them in the most unexpected corners of the house or yard, to have children join in an exciting treasure hunt. In this way, the home environment is enlivened with little appealing surprises, which only the most careful eyes can find. A similar tradition can be said with the Jeep® brand, which has made “Easter eggs” an integrated step in the design process of each of the brand’s vehicles. 

 In the automotive world, “Easter eggs” are hidden decorative motifs that designers conceal in their vehicles, meant to be discovered throughout time by their owners. Jeep’s “Easter eggs” add an element of surprise in the experience of a new vehicle, further extending the pleasure of discovery. They are a testament to the designers’ creative passion and visually express the fun they had in the development of Jeep vehicles. 

“Jeep ‘Easter eggs’ started with the ’11 Grand Cherokee,” said Mark Allen, Head of Jeep Design. “We added small Jeep grilles inside the headlamp bulb shields. It was an off-the-cuff addition of a graphic to an otherwise standard piece. After that, we started sprinkling small graphics on various vehicles.

“When we did the refresh on Wrangler, we added a small side profile of a Jeep climbing up from the corner of the windshield, which became a point of delight for the customer,” said Allen. “These small elements convey a human touch to our valued customers and seem to be appreciated.”

These Easter eggs – little designs left behind to be found later – can be found in the Jeep Wrangler, Jeep Cherokee, Jeep Renegade and even a few in the Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Allen says that what you’ll find in the Renegade might not make as much sense in a Grand Cherokee.

“These little touches are fun, but we always attempt to regulate according to the vehicle. What is accepted and appropriate on a Renegade would be just wrong on a $60,000 Grand Cherokee.”


So, what’s hidden inside the various vehicles? There’s everything from a Wrangler climbing rocks to an Italian-speaking spider and even a mythical beast. The Renegade has dozens of hidden design elements, making it a fun vehicle not only to drive, but to discover from the inside out.

 If you’ve discovered Easter eggs in your Jeep vehicle, send it our way.  


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